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Our Green Credentials - How Green Is Badge Planet?

We do our very best to be as green, environmentally and ethically sound as we possible can be.


Product Quality

The quality of our products is second to none and we use top quality components and printers. Our green credentials do not impact the quality of our products or services in any way whatsoever.


Ethical Suppliers

ALL our suppliers of badge parts, machinery, printing, IT, packaging and stationary are based in the UK. We manufacture most of our badges ourselves in North Wales and we do not import any cheap, inferior or ethically questionable products whatsoever. The printing paper we use is strictly from renewable sources.



We re-use or recycle as much packaging as we can (usually in the shipment of larger orders) and any waste products we produce are all recycled.


Person Power

Actual Cycling!

If we need to go to the Post Office, we usually go by bicycle!! You can't get greener than that (and there's a big hill!).


Green Computing

We generally buy recycled IT equipment and when it starts to get old and slow, we take it to bits, refit it, and use it again! Recycling IT equipment helps reduce our carbon footprint even more.



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