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Do you use cookies?

Yes we do. Without cookies we wouldn't know what you've added to your basket or know which background colour you've selected when designing your badges. A retail website simply can't opperate without using cookies and your consent to do so is assumed by using our website.


Aren't Cookies Evil?

Not when they are used responsibly. Some websites will keep all sorts of personal data using cookies to feed you relevent adverts etc. We don't do anything like that and we don't use cookies for any malicious purposes whatsoever. In other words, you're safe with us :)



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Top 10 Badges

1. Smiling Face

2. Union Jack

3. Pink Ladies

4. Target

5. Hello Dave

6. Feeling Groovy

7. Scumbag College

8. Red Star

9. England Flag

10. The Killers

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